Dit is een tot voor kort onbekende familietak, waarvan de gegevens afkomstig zijn van Jean van de Stadt uit Brussel, 6 juli 2008.

     Het bericht van Jaen was een reactie op een eerdere vraag van Richard van de Stadt (461.131) aan hem. Uit het bericht van Jean van de Stadt:

     About my branch of the family I can say the following:
My grandfather Jan Clemens van de Stadt [1882-1924] , was born and lived in Antwerp. He had 2 sons, both born in Antwerp, George and Edmond (my father).
George (04.12.1909) became US citizen in 1945, married an American woman (Gladys Vickie Newland) and died in Arlington (VA) on 14.04.1999.
My father Edmond (11.08.1912) lived and worked in Antwerp, married mother (Lucienne Fabry 06.02.1920) in Brussels in 1947, since then lived in Brussels where he died in May 1999. Mother is still alive. I was born in Brussels on 20.10.1956.
My uncle George was historian (he worked for the Department of Defense of the US) and had always been very interested in family history. As far as I remember, he always told us that the family came from The Netherlands, and that a large branch was always living in the area of Utrecht.
He tried to set up a genealogical tree, which went back to the 18th century. I send you a scan attached.

Looking at the tree on the website, I do not find clearly where the junction between our branches can be made, but it is anyway very interesting.

I would be very interested to get comments on all that.

This is the scanned genealogy tree:
scanned genealogy tree.

And here follows the data arranged in a table after some recent updating:

Petrus van de Stadt, 5 (?-?) (mandenmaker) x(1738?) Susanna Geeraers (?-?) Joannes van de Stadt, 51 (1738-?)
Adrianus van de Stadt, 52 (1741-?) (mandenmaker)
x Helena Catherina Reynaert van Frankfort
Petrus Dominicus van de Stadt, 521 (1766-1840)
x Clara Ida Bonds (1768-1832)
Johannes Theodorus van de Stadt, 521.1 (1793-?) (mandenmaker)
1e x(1815) Adriana Cornelia van Loon (1788-1825)
Johannes Theodorus van de Stadt, 521.1 (1793-?) (mandenmaker)
2e x(1825) Adriana Mouwen (1793-?)
Pieter Adriaan van de Stadt, 521.11 (1831-1910)
Dominicus van de Stadt, 522 (1770-?)
Johannes Theodorus van de Stadt, 523 (1771-1855)
1e x(1792) Helena Hendrika de Large (1773-1805)
Adrianus Everardus van de Stadt, 523.1 (1793-?)
Johannes Theodorus van de Stadt, 523 (1771-1855)
2e x(1807) Maria Casteleyns (1773-1842)
Helena Maria van de Stadt, 523.d1 (1808-?)
Theodora Maria Gerarda van de Stadt, 523.d2 (1810-?)
Johannes Laurentius van de Stadt, 523.2 (1813-1855) (muziekmeester)
x(1839) Antje Smeets (1815-?)
Johannes Theodorus van de Stadt, 523.21 (1840-?)
x(1882) Maria Theresia Claes
Jan Clemens van de Stadt, 523.211 (1882-1924)
x(1908) Margareta Henrica Charlotta Coleta Dilis (1882 -?)
Clemens Jan Hendrik Maria (George) van de Stadt, 523.211.1 (1909-1999)
x(1952) Gladys Vickie Newland
Edmond van de Stadt, 523.211.2 (1912-1999)
x(1947) Lucienne Fabry (1920)
Jean van de Stadt, 523.211.21 (1956)
Theodorus Johannes van de Stadt, 523.3 (1818-1818)
Everardus van de Stadt, 524 (1774-?)
Anna Catharina van de Stadt, 52d1 (1776-?)
Petrus van de Stadt, 53 (1745-?)
Dominicus van de Stadt, 54 (?-?)

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